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Portrait of Austin, Tx contemporary screen print artist Brandon Snow

My photographs are my stages. When I step on the stage I always make sure to say something truthful, well thought out, and clear. I prepare vigorously for each speech and use simple everyday objects including flowers, household items, portraiture, and more to make the works easily relateable. Presenting the works in a large format, yet very unique, clean, and clear presentation the works are not easily forgotten. They are both striking from afar and beautiful up close. This type of “Visual Language” knows no borders. I work to ensure viewers of all heritages, languages, and generations can understand and relate to the images, making the work timeless.

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.. Sunday has arrived .. #mamiya645 #kodaksafetyfilm #expiredfilm
.. I challenged myself with this piece and many others with the questions: How much thought, conversation, and emotion can I elicit thru a single phot
Puppy Love .. Austin, Tx .. 2017 .. #rollei35 #delta100
.. Morning light shining thru the studio .. The weekend is near ..
2017's Warhol and Basquiat #wherearetheynow
.. Portrait photography has always been a strong passion and interest of mine .. I really valued and enjoyed the friendship I had with the subject her
.. layers of a rose .. zoom in for that real good detail .. 🔬🔭👀 ..
.. first piece for 2017 .. #qualityoverquantity
.. detail of the recently posted piece "As Always" featuring the medicine bottle as photographed in 1912 ..






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