Top Emerging Young Artist of 2018 and Three Reasons To Invest

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Lets get straight to it. You can rummage about through the Contact pages of Snow’s site to get to know him more closely but this page is about the 3 Reasons why you should have at least one of Snow’s works adorning your walls by the end of this article or no later than the end of 2018.


1. Reputation

Snow’s reputation is everything you want to see in a young artist and I’ll need to break this down into a few subcategories.  Consistent pricing, quality, and exhibitions.

– Exhibitions: Brandon is known for holding exhibitions that are truly must see events of the year. With solo shows in 2014, 2016, and one scheduled for 2018, this bi-annual release of new work keeps audiences waiting just long to enough to build up a proper amount of anticipation for a relatively small but laser focused new body of work. Your not just buying another one of Snow’s works you are buying one of Snow’s works. 

-Pricing: Snow’s work began pulling four figures regularly by 2014 with annual price increases as demand exceeds supply. The prices you see at the gallery are the prices you’ll get if you buy straight thru Snow’s online sales team. Everyone loves a good deal, but art is only worth what you pay for it and Snow upholds his works value with the upmost of care.

– Quality: Quality, quality, quality. This word cant be used enough to describe Snow’s work. A known quote of Snow’s says it all, “You can tell me you don’t like my work but no one can ever tell me it wasn’t well made.” This is backed up by his usage of Linen based canvases as opposed to the lesser, cotton based canvas, more commonly used amongst artists (Learn why that matters here!). All of Snow’s works are hand stretched around hand built warp resistant wooden frames. Since 2012, all of Snow’s work has sold housed in his signature wooden outer frame, most commonly stained black. These frames are custom made for each individual piece and are as much a signature aspect of Snow’s work as the work it self.

2. National Recognition

In 2014, Snow was invited, along with a select few of Austin’s Top Artists, to show at The Fort Wayne Museum of Art. To show in a major art institution like Fort Wayne is a note worthy accomplishment for any artist at any time of their career. For Snow, this came only two years into his young career which began in 2012. Fast forward one more year and you could find a selection of Civil Rights based work adorning gallery walls in Miami during the 2015 Art Basel: Miami, these works were auctioned off with the earnings contributing to related charities.


3. There Just Isn’t Anyone Else Like Him

Who else is making photographic silk screen prints of their own photography reaching larger than life dimensions exceeding 6 feet in any direction?



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