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Contemporary Dallas printmaker and photographer, Brandon Snow, sits for a portrait at the age of twenty seven.

        American artist, Brandon Snow, is redefining what it means to be a photographer in an age where everyone is a photographer. Photographing with both film and digital, Snow works with an arsenal of cameras dating from the 1930’s to present day while still developing his own film in his studio bathroom. It is from there that Snow selects images to silk screen onto canvases in a larger than life scale. “It’s not that I want to be a silk screen printer, it’s that I want to print my own photographs.”  This labor intensive, meticulous, and gritty printmaking method results in a signature distress to the canvas prints. Using props not unique to any one part of the world Snow’s photography is a visual language that knows no borders. Snow is able to connect with his audience all across the world by making beauty out of the one thing every nation, religion, and sole has in common: mortality.

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