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Texas contemporary artist, Brandon Snow Art

Florida born and Texas raised, Brandon Snow (1990) infuses photography with large format silk screen printing on linen. Photographing with both film and digital, Snow works with an arsenal of cameras dating from the 1930’s to present day while still developing film in his studio bathroom. Snow takes thousands of photographs a year carefully curating and selecting which images to silk screen onto canvases in a larger than life scale. “It’s not that I want to be a silk screen printer, it’s that I want to print my own photographs with my own two hands. No computers.”  This labor intensive, meticulous, and gritty printmaking method results in a signature distress to the canvas originals. Snow’s work is often described as “timeless” with recurring motifs exploring the relationship of life and death, the good with the bad, and in recent work documenting current events. Snow’s dedication to quality and originality has catapulted his work to a national stage, early in his career, and it’s only the beginning.

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