Dallas Equal Rights Rally 2017

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August 2017

Dallas Equal Rights Rally 2017

“…standing on graves while rallying for Equal Rights?”


I arrived at Pioneer Park Cemetery just after six in the evening on the nineteenth of August, 2017. The rebel statues, featuring Robert E. Lee, were standing as they’ve stood 121 years before. On this day the statues were to be seen by over 2500 protestors rallying for equal rights. The statues saw all who came though I can not say all the protestors saw the statues.

The air was tense. The cemetery was full and it was divided. Some attended out of passion. Others to just be present incase something happened and though nothing happened anything could of happened and it felt like something would happen at any time. I can recall only two people sticking to the original agenda of protesting for the removal of the 121 year old rebel statues whom offended some forever and nearly all as of recently.  The crowd would rally around verbal battles that would form, similar to that of freestyle rap battles. The two sides would argue that they both have the right for equal speech though they would not agree on it. The hundreds of amateur photographers would huddle around the dual and raise cameras in the air, photographing. Sides would side and resolution would hide. There would be no tolerance and tolerance of any race declaring supremacy should not be tolerated.

The crowd would continue to look in and the photographers too. I looked down. And this photograph is what I saw. I saw it everywhere though this is where I stood. I stood at the end of a grave. A grave that once only purposed memorial and recognition of life as a tombstone should only purpose. On this day, a crowd  found new purpose for this grave stone. This day it served as a higher vantage point for those wanting a better look in at the current dual that would have no desire of resolution. An irony of unthinkable proportions. Rally goers whom want to be recognized as concerned, outward looking, compassionate individuals who want equal rights for all, yet so oblivious to their immediate surroundings, or perhaps fully aware, standing on a grave to get a better look at the drama.

Equal Rights must be achieved and freedom of speech will forever require tolerance. Practice what you preach and let not the grave of others be vital to your success.