Life/Time: April 2017

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“What’s going on over there?! A protest?! Hurry! I gotta get there and photograph it!”

April brought me many different oceans to swim in, and photograph them I did. In the first ocean, I found myself swimming against the current of thousands of equal rights demonstrators in Dallas, Texas. I was in Dallas early April to attend The Dallas Art Fair which was a treat in it’s own. As I was walking towards the fair I noticed heavy traffic and roads blocked off. Up ahead I could see it there, a sea of people flooding the streets of downtown Dallas carrying American flags, homemade signs, megaphones, and their freedom of speech. I was prepared and I was there. Equipped with my Rollei35, 10 exposures left on the roll, and no extra film I jumped right in the middle of it all juking, jiving, framing, and shooting until my roll was up. It was exhilarating. I had no idea what I had just photographed. Everything was happening so fast but I knew I had documented something great. It wouldn’t be until 5 days later that I would be back in my Austin studio to develop and review the exposures. I could not have been more happy with the shots.

Ocean Two: Austin, Texas in all of its glory. Day and night. The beautiful, the drunken, and the real. Capturing moments of it’s history through its back alleyways, a weekend night on it’s infamous Dirty 6th, and everything in between. I swim through this city with a camera the size of a cigarette box, tucked in the palm of my hand hidden from sight yet in plain sight, I am looking, watching, waiting. No one sees me, while I am seeing everything. These photographs unfold right before my very eyes and in 1/500 of a second I have made something that would never be anything, last forever.


Brandon Snow