Life/Time: Pride Month

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Life/Time: Pride Month. Austin, Tx. June 2017.

June of 2017 was a time for celebration, uniting, and PRIDE for the LGBTQ community. I was in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas during this month and photographed a number of gatherings, parties, and marches. Some of these marches I planned for and others I stumbled upon. I loaded my camera with color film and headed out to Fair Park for the annual Queerbomb rally, march, and party. There was a plethora of colors, personalities, and pride all around. Later in the month, on a quiet Sunday I was out walking downtown. I wasn’t getting much action to photograph. I decided to see if anything was going on at the capitol. To my fortune, another rally was taking place and a march was soon to follow. This march yielded me the three black and white photographs below. Three photographs I am very proud to call my own.

Brandon Snow