Print Austin: 2017

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What is Print Austin? Print Austin is annual “happening” that encourages galleries, studios, and venues alike to showcase a selection of artwork specifically in the print making medium. These mediums can include traditional methods like line-cut, wood block, etching, and silk screen printing. It is yet another big project the Big Medium group sponsors and organizes amongst many more groups and organizations.

I was asked and invited by the Art on 5th gallery to headline their exhibition during this years Print Austin city wide happening. The gallery invited five other print makers both near and far to participate as well. The six of us artists work all flowed seamlessly thru the exhibition as we all coincidently were exploring or inspired by very natural organic subject matters. I myself had been photographing flowers for quite some time prior to the show and was very excited to display the select works of art during this exhibition.

Flowers are infinitely beautiful yet wildly temporary. You are forced to appreciate them while they are there because you are aware of their short life time. You know they won’t be there in a few days time. I love this way of thinking. This acute awareness to pay attention, to appreciate, and to see it. I used cremons, white roses, and red roses in this work and was very pleased with the deep messages I was able to create through such simple and beautiful imagery.

“One in the Same” features a white rose in full bloom tied to a red rose whose bloom has since come and gone. I was able to work the contrast of the flowers with sheer cloths in the background to really let each flower and stage of life stand out but work perfectly in unison. A real stand out image and common theme in my past body of work. I can relate this concept as a signature concept of mine with other works similar including “Matchbook”, my turtle piece “Inevitable”, daisies in a tin can entitled “The Flower”, and more.

The cremon flower is the star of a beautiful horizontal work of art entitled, “Til the End”. “‘Til the End” features two cremons in a slender vase. This flower is composed of many layers of small petals that when in full bloom the layers and petals reach up to the sun and layer by layer the radiuses of petals began to lay down reaching down to the ground. It is a slow aging that was so beautiful to witness. I specifically waited until one or two layers began to lay down to give the flowers a little age. The end result is a romantic, intimate, portrait of two beings entertained aging together. Staying together… ‘ till the end.

Another stand out piece was the debut of one of my larger works of art to date, entitled “The Silo”.  “The Silo” was also diamond dusted to make it that much more enticing and elusive. There s a wonderful back story that goes along with this piece Ill be sharing in a future write up!

Enjoy the exhibition photos and works of art, and I encourage you to share your thoughts with me.

Brandon Snow