“The Golden Egg”

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What is this big space of gold with a broken egg all about?!

“The Golden Egg” is a piece I am very excited about. A piece that is perhaps even more complex than it is visually simple. A winning combination in my book. “The Golden Egg” is everything I strive to achieve in a new work of art. Complex, simple, beautiful, dark, elegant, sophisticated, personal, and relatable.

Visually, as a gallery artist, I am always trying to pull my viewers in at first from far away. I try to imagine a guest in the gallery walking in and seeing my piece from afar first. It is at this moment I want to elude you, and make you naturally gravitate straight to my piece. It is intriguing from afar. Once you have arrived feet and made inches away from the work, a whole new image appears. The story unveils itself to you. It is not what you expected but wonderfully welcomed. “The Golden Egg” achieves just that. From far away you are enticed as you see the nearly four foot tall and three foot wide glowing space of deep gold. Lit by the galleries spot light glowing with a dark black square encompassing a golden spherical shape. What is going on here?

As you arrive to the piece, the work of art makes you get inches away to see the detail of what the spherical shape is. It reveals itself as a cracked egg. But not just any cracked egg, a broken golden egg.

What is this symbolic of though?

The negative space represents a fear that no one will be there when you need them most.

This piece is a modern day tragedy presented beautifully and simply, like most tragedies are.

Check for the availability and more detailed description of “The Golden Egg” here! 


-Brandon Snow