Video: “Scars of A Whipped Slave”

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In 2014, I set out to create my, at the time, my largest silk screen yet. I had my first oversized, custom, metal, screen built for me and I wanted to create something really meaningful with it. Something with social impact. Something I was passionate about. I have always been so moved by this portrait and the subject’s, Gordon’s, bravery to sit for it in effort to progress the Abolitionist Movement as a free man. You can read more on this here: “Scars of a Whipped Slave”. A local videographer, Jasmine Brooks, helped me document this project and I am truly grateful for her time. I wanted this video to help share my process with you and showcase just how “hands-on” of a process this is. I often battle the word “print” in my medium’s description, “silk screen print”, and because they are photographic it is an easy assumption that a computer or digital printer is involved. I hope you enjoy this video and the melodic custom tunes, which I am also very grateful for, by a great friend, Keegan Lockhart.

Brandon Snow and his Process: 2014