Working with Diamond Dust

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Detail photo of "The Veil" fine art silk screen print with diamond dust by Austin, Texas contemporary artist, Brandon Snow.

Diamond Dust; what a challenge this was.

Diamond Dust and large format photographic silk screen prints go together like peanut butter and jelly, like whiskey and coke, like water and pools, like.. well you get it! It’s beautiful. But just like trying to teach myself how to create large format silk screen prints of my own photographs, there is no one out there on the internet spilling the beans on precisely how to achieve this finish. I was on my own again. Some of you may now be anxiously asking yourself: Is he gonna spill the beans on how to do this, where to buy from, and what glue to use?!?!?! The answer is… no. No, I am not. I can only assume my reasons not to share this beautiful secret with you is the same reason others did not share for me to find. That reason: Once you have been made to solve all the problems to the puzzle entirely on your own you’re not going to be too eager to share with all. Gotta earn this one my friends.

As you can see, the Diamond Dust adds this amazingly beautiful and mesmerizing depth to the silk screen prints. It make them sparkle and come to life like nothing else could. As you move around the artwork the Diamond Dust is catching the light source from many different angles making this piece twinkle like the ripples of a pond catch the light of a bright full moon. It is indeed a very tedious method that requires precision, planning, and perfect execution to achieve; just like large format screen printing.

I am proud to be able to deliver artwork to my buyers, viewers, and haters (just kidding I don’t think I have any haters!) at the upmost of quality and skill. My medium is exceptionally hard and that is why there are not a lot of people out there doing it. The discipline and extreme learning phases I have endure to achieve this final product of large format photographic canvas silk screen printing with diamond dust is something I am very proud to give to you. Dreams come true, and Im just getting started!

Inquire within for availability. Can ship. Will ship.

Thank you,

Brandon Snow